Naughty Bedtime Stories

Welcome to Linen, Alabama, home of world premier Bedtime Linens Inc. Ours is a small town with big ears to hear you with, and even bigger eyes that see every door opening and closing. Come sit a spell at Ma Mabel's Coffeeshop for a cup of joe, the latest gossip, and a juicy bedtime story guaranteed to leave you thirsting for more.

A recent visit from International best-selling erotic romance author Sallie Silk, who preformed a live reading, has set tongues to sensually licking lips. While the local library is stocked with loads of best-sellers, our Indie bookstore, Naughty Literati Books, is the place to get your sexy story fix.

Take a look around, click on the graphics below for more information on our town, Bedtime Linens, Ma Mabel's, our local residents and Naughty Literati Books. Most importantly, have a naughty good time during your visit to Linen.

Welcome to Linen, Alabama

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